The NBN rollout is speeding up

24 September, 2018

Upskill your workforce now and be part of something big

Installation of the NBN is now back in full swing and on track to deliver high speed broadband internet to 8 million Australian homes and businesses by 2020.*

Subsidised or fee-free apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities are now available across the ACT and NSW, making now the perfect time for you to arm your workforce with the skills they need so your business can get its share of NBN rollout works.

Not only could you save on the cost of formal training, but you may also be eligible for further Government financial incentives when signing up an apprentice or trainee to get them the relevant qualifications the NBN rollout needs.

What’s available?

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    Training subsidies are now available through the ACT Government’s Skilled Capital scheme for eligible workers signed into one of the following Telecommunications traineeship qualifications:

    • ICT20315 Certificate II in Telecommunications Technology
    • ICT30515 Certificate III in Telecommunications Technology
    • ICT41215 Certificate IV in Telecommunications Engineering Technology


    With the ACT Government’s Skilled Capital scheme, you can save on the cost of your workers upskilling, reskilling or formalising their existing experience and knowledge with one of the above nationally accredited qualifications.

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    Fee-free training is now available for eligible workers signed up into one of the following relevant Telecommunications apprenticeship qualifications:

    • ICT30215 Certificate III in Telecommunications Digital Reception Technology
    • ICT30415 Certificate III in Telecommunications Network Build and Operate
    • ICT30515 Certificate III in Telecommunications Technology


    Through the NSW State Government’s fee-free apprenticeships scheme, your team can access these nationally accredited qualifications at absolutely no cost to you – or them!

How does it work?

To engage your workers in an apprenticeship or traineeship, a Commonwealth Government Training Contract must be in place. It may sound complicated but don’t worry – that’s where we come in!

We’re here to sign up your employees and check your eligibility for funding and other Government financial incentives so you can get your team the skills they need to play a role in bringing one of Australia’s largest infrastructure projects to life.