Mentoring and personal support services

Support for you and your apprentice

MEGT understands that it is quite common for apprentices to experience setbacks or to be affected by issues outside of the workplace, especially during the first year of their apprenticeship as they settle into a new routine and environment.

That's why MEGT provides a range of tools and resources to help your apprentice thrive, support them navigate any challenges that might arise and ensure both you and your apprentice know where to go for support.

Support tailored to your needs

Our team is committed to helping you and your apprentice overcome any challenges they face and achieve their goals.

Our tiered support services include:

  • Resources to help you and your apprentice navigate common challenges
  • Assistance and advice to help resolve short-term setbacks
  • Connections and referrals to specialist support services if needed

In addition, some apprentices qualify for one-on-one mentoring support at no cost to you. Apprentices eligible for mentoring include, but are not limited to:

  • Women in Male-Dominated Trades
  • First Nations Australian Apprentices
  • Australian Apprentices with disability
  • Australian Apprentices located in Remote Australia

Mentoring by MEGT

Research has shown that mentoring can significantly impact employee retention, and the ability for apprentices and trainees to complete their qualification.

Our team of qualified and dedicated mentors provide personalised support on a range of topics, including: 

  • Work and training challenges such as workplace issues, issues completing training and assessments, understanding your job role, administration, career guidance, language literacy and numeracy assistance and more
  • Personal challenges such as mental health, financial support, housing support, access to cultural programs, drug and alcohol challenges, personal relationships, legal matters and more

Our mentors build rapport with your apprentice and will discuss any challenges they may have at home or work that may impact their performance.

When needed, MEGT mentors can also work with your apprentice to develop ‘stay at work” plans for those who might be at risk of not completing their studies due to work, training or personal issues.

Our mentors will also offer tools and advice to employers or supervisors, connecting you with specialist service providers where required.