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So, you’re thinking about becoming an apprentice or trainee?

If you need a hand figuring out if you’ve got what it takes or with finding the right opportunity, our Career Hub Team is here to help!

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Once you know where you’re heading, you can browse and apply for jobs posted on our dedicated apprenticeship and traineeship job board.

Think Australian Apprenticeships are just for chippies and sparkies? Think again!

What you’ll get:

Help to find the right career path

When you first register for MEGT’s Career Hub, there are two easy things you can do to narrow down your career options AND get ahead of your competition.

  • Skills Assessments

    Our online Skills Assessments are the perfect way to get a better idea of your strengths and any areas for improvement.

    They are also a great way to boost your profile to potential employers as your results will automatically be included with any job applications you submit.

    Potential employers LOVE seeing these because it shows them what you’re made of – something they can’t get from just any old job application!

  • Career quiz

    Take our online career quiz and we’ll give you a shortlist of recommended occupations based on your interests.

    You can then use these recommendations to narrow down your searches and help you get on the right track.

Career Hub Team

So, you’ve completed our Skills Assessments and career quiz. You’ve got a better idea of where you’re headed. What next?

Our Career Hub Team is here to help you find your way around Career Hub and browse and apply for jobs. You can also chat to a Careers Advisor about your options and any questions you might have about becoming an apprentice or trainee.

Get in touch with our Career Hub Team by emailing or call 1300 562 482.

Job Seeker Toolkit

Our comprehensive Job Seeker Toolkit contains tips, guidance and free downloadable resources to help you get your resume up to date, write an engaging cover letter, and handle any interview questions that come your way!

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Sign-up and ongoing support

Don’t worry, we won’t forget about you once you’ve found a job! Once you’ve started your new apprenticeship or traineeship, let your employer know to give us a call so we can make it official by: