First Nations People

Indigenous apprentice

Our organisation holds to the principles of equality, diversity and unity for all Australians. In the context of this, we support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to achieve their goals and continue to build quality relationships and connections that bring all citizens of local communities together. We will also continue to ensure that our staff have a robust cultural awareness of the challenges faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

These principles, as they relate to First Nations People, are reflected in:

  • The cultural awareness support we provide to employers
  • The training, and sustainable employment opportunities we promote and deliver to Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people
  • Our commitment to reconciliation

Indigenous employment programs and support

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    Indigenous Apprenticeship and Traineeship Network

    The Indigenous Apprenticeship and Traineeship Network (IATN) is a dedicated division of MEGT that:

    • Provides cultural awareness to employers
    • Works with local communities to reduce disadvantage and inequity in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities
    • Employs, trains and mentors Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people through a range of programs

    To find out more about IATN, call 1300 428 642 or email

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    How we support employers

    We offer:

    • Placement of apprentices and trainees in your organisation through our Group Training team
    • Assistance with finding apprentice and trainee candidates for you to hire directly
    • Work-ready training
    • Workplace mentoring for supervisors, apprentices or trainees
    • Pre-employment attitude and aptitude testing
    • Assistance with the development of a Reconciliation Action Plan for your business
    • Specialised projects
    • Cultural awareness training for the workplace
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    How we support job seekers, apprentices and trainees

    We offer:

    • Real employment, apprentice or trainee job opportunities that lead to real qualifications and ongoing employment
    • Regular weekly income so you can earn while you learn
    • Pre-employment attitude and aptitude testing to determine your best career option
    • Work-ready training
    • Culturally aware support and mentoring from dedicated staff to help you achieve your goals
    • Assistance with your apprenticeship or traineeship studies
    • Help to transition into ongoing employment at the completion of your apprenticeship or traineeship

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Our commitment to reconciliation

Our vision for reconciliation is a united Australia where the cultures and values of Australia’s First Peoples are understood and respected, and where they have equal access to, and opportunities for, education, employment and health care. 

Our commitment to reconciliation is reflected in our participation in Reconciliation Australia’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) process. On Thursday 18 August 2022, we launched our second ‘Stretch’ RAP and our fourth RAP in total. Stretch RAPs recognise that a particular organisation has already “developed strategies, and established a very strong approach towards advancing reconciliation internally and within the organisation’s sphere of influence [and] requires organisations to embed reconciliation initiatives into business strategies so they become ‘business as usual’.”

2022–2025 Stretch RAP

Watch Kane Brunjes' beautiful RAP artwork come to life!