National Sorry Day

26 May, 2023

National Sorry Day, held annually on the 26th of May, is a day Australians reflect on the mistreatment of First Nations people. We remember and honour those of the Stolen Generation, their families, and communities. This is part of an ongoing effort towards reconciliation between First Nations people and non-Indigenous Australians.

In commemoration of this year’s National Sorry Day, MEGT’s First Nations Advisor and aspiring artist, Khaliyah Nagas created this moving piece (pictured). When asked what inspired this piece, Khaliyah said: “When I think of the little ones being stolen from their families, there’s so much past trauma. I wanted to show how Mums and bubs can rekindle their relationship and go on that journey of healing together. You can follow their footprints climbing up the mountain.”

How can you be a part of National Sorry Day

There are many ways you and your families can be a part of National Sorry Day.

Start the conversation and learn the stories
Opening the lines of communication about why National Sorry Day is so important, is a great first step. Just a little research goes a long way in understanding the stories of the Stolen Generation and the effects on their families and communities for years after.

Attend your children’s National Sorry Day events

Many schools Australia wide participate in Nations Sorry Day events by holding essay competitions, walks around their communities, learning the stories of the Stolen Generation and inviting local First Nations elders to speak to the students.

Attend special community events

There are many different events happening Australia wide including barbeques, lunches, and morning teas as well as street marches and speeches from local community First Nations leaders.

Be involved, listen, and start a conversation. An apology can go a long way towards the start of healing. For more information, please visit