Trainees and employers reaping the benefits of the Microsoft Traineeship Program

2 July, 2019

Australia’s IT industry is rapidly growing, and the demand for talented, knowledgeable and experienced individuals has never been higher.

As a result of this demand, MEGT has proudly partnered with Microsoft to deliver the Microsoft Traineeship Program – a program that aims to empower budding IT professionals to take the first step in their career!

The program, which first launched in NSW in November 2018, combines a Certificate IV in Information Technology, Microsoft certifications AND paid work experience.

Cassandra and Chantelle are two of the 150 trainees that have commenced their traineeship as part of the first cohort in February 2019. Steven Wong is a Director and Solution Architect at KPMG, a global professional services firm who were one of the Program’s first partners to sign on to host trainees.

After 4 months of practical experience with Host Employer KPMG, we couldn’t be more pleased to share Cassandra, Chantelle (and Steven’s!) experience so far.


  • Tell me what your job involves?

    I am currently a member of the technology team at KPMG. I work with the Enhancement team that works with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. Now I am using the Azure portal to create SQL databases, data factories, and am looking at the movement of data between systems.

  • What excites you most about this traineeship opportunity?

    Learning all that I have so far, it has been such a deep dive into a pool of completely new knowledge. An exciting aspect is also the ability that technology has in adding tremendous value to a business, and how clients can use Microsoft’s platforms to enhance and improve the way they work. I am extremely lucky to be at KPMG, a company where I will be seeing successful projects make their difference in a variety of industries. I am excited to see positive results, both from myself and KPMG as a whole. I am also excited for the path I have started on and to see where it leads.

  • What advice would you give to others looking to apply for the Program?

    Don’t be afraid to put your foot forward and do your best to make sure it’s your best foot! Be yourself, and truly yourself, people will recognise you for that. Things that you fear are often worth putting yourself into, so if you’re hesitating, or wondering if you can do this, I would say go for it.


  • Tell me what your job involves?

    My Host Employer, KPMG, has been very accommodating in providing me with training and workshops in Data Migration and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. I am currently working towards a certification in a cloud-based financial and Human Capital Management (HCM) software application called Workday.

  • What excites you most about this traineeship opportunity?

    What excites me the most is gaining on the job experience with a respectable company, working towards a Certificate IV in Information Technology, and attaining Microsoft accredited certifications. It truly is a fantastic opportunity to kickstart a career in IT.

  • What advice would you give to others looking to apply for the Program?

    My advice: don’t hesitate. Apply now! This traineeship is a fantastic opportunity and alternative to the standard tertiary pathway. You’ll earn while you learn and gain invaluable experience in the workforce.

Steven Wong - KPMG

  • What were the main reasons for becoming a Host Employer through the Program?

    We saw great synergy in the program in what it was trying to achieve for the Australian IT industry, women in IT, youth education/employment and traineeships.

  • What tasks are the trainees working on?

    Our trainees have been working on a diverse range of IT work. Our work with Microsoft Dynamics and ERP systems has provided our trainees with opportunities to work on software development, integration, functional consulting, data migration and testing in such diverse industries as retail, health, human capital management, banking, finance and agribusiness.

  • What are the benefits to the trainees of being part of this Program?

    The Certificate IV in Information Technology provides trainees with a foundation understanding of IT fundamentals across the board. They have started by learning about ethics and privacy issues in IT and will continue with learning about infrastructure (networks, servers, security) and implementation (ICT strategies, process automation, methodology). The additional Microsoft Azure certifications really help to give the trainees real industry-recognised credentials, attracting more opportunities for them to put their skills to good use.

  • What advice would you give to any other Microsoft partners looking to host a trainee through the program?

    The traineeship is a great way to attract talent from an unconventional source. The arrangement is as flexible and adaptable as you need it to be, and the opportunity to collaborate with Microsoft, MEGT, Prodigy Learning and TAFE NSW is well worth it!

Congratulations to Cassandra and Chantelle, we have no doubt your hard work will lead to success! And well done to Steven and KPMG for supporting alternative career pathways and the future of IT!