TAFE vs. Uni – the results may surprise you

8 June, 2017

It’s long been thought that a university degree is the best way to improve job prospects and increase earning potential. However, according to new research*, vocational education and training – e.g. apprenticeship and traineeship qualifications - might be the way to go.

The findings, released by McCrindle and commissioned by the Skilling Australia Foundation, showed:

  • Title
    Benefits to apprentices and trainees
    • 8 in 10 VET graduates have a job soon after training, versus 7 in 10 university graduates
    • 9 in 10 trade apprentices have jobs after finishing training
    • Of the top 10 occupations predicted to have the most jobs growth, 9 of these are in vocational training areas
  • Title
    Benefits to employers
    • Apprentices are more likely to work harder and stay longer with employers who have provided them with a career start
    • There is a direct connection between vocational training and increased workplace diversity, employee loyalty and productivity

Australian Apprenticeships – more than just trade qualifications

Did you know that in Australia, apprenticeships are no longer limited to traditional trade occupations? In fact, the term Australian Apprenticeship is now used to describe both apprenticeships and traineeships.

These days, apprentices can choose to study engineering, automotive and more. Trainees can undertake qualifications in business, retail, financial services, and more. This means that no matter what industry you’re in, your business can benefit from an Australian Apprentice.

Australian Apprenticeships are also no longer just for school-leavers. Apprentices and trainees can also be adult employees who wish to formalise their skills, re-enter the workforce or change career.

Need to build your workforce? Consider an apprentice or trainee

It couldn't be easier to give someone’s career a huge kick start, increase productivity in your workplace and gain a loyal employee who will grow with your business.

At MEGT, we've been helping businesses benefit from apprentices and trainees for over 30 years. We'll make it easy to sign up new employees, and our mentoring team will be here to support them – and you – every step of the way.

The best bit?

The Australian Government pays financial incentives to eligible employers who hire apprentices and trainees. Our team of apprenticeship experts can also help determine your eligibility for Government incentives.

So next time you’re hiring, why not consider an apprentice or trainee?