Trying to decide whether to recruit or train? We can help!

19 April, 2017

When you’re trying to decide whether to recruit new staff or train your existing workers, it’s important to first figure out the current skills needs of your organisation and your employees. To get you started, we’ve put together the following tips.

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    What’s the current situation?
    • Are you achieving both your short and long-term business goals?
    • Are you getting the most from your current staff?
    • What are the levels of staff and client satisfaction?
    • What areas of the business need improvement?
    • Is training your current staff the answer or do you need to expand your workforce?
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    Keep up to date with staff performance reviews…

    Make sure you’re sticking to your annual staff performance reviews. This will make it easier to determine who needs further training and development, or who would like to move up or around the company. It’s also the perfect time to look at the existing skills your staff have and see if there are any gaps.

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    …then use the information you’ve collected!

    The performance review process is only useful if you can take the information your staff have given you and use it to put together a plan for your business.

    Your performance reviews should give you a good indication of the current skills your workers have, as well as any gaps there may be in the workforce.

    You should also be able to identify:

    • Who would benefit from further training and development
    • If any of your employees are in a role where they are either under or over utilised, or
    • Whether there is an opportunity to replace completed apprentices or trainees, to recruit new apprentices or trainees, or to sign any of your existing workers into an apprenticeship or traineeship to further their development and meet skills gaps
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    Now you’re ready to make a plan

    With the information you’ve collected, you should now be able to:

    • Decide how to deliver the skills to your staff
    • Create and implement a training and development plan
    • Select existing staff to undertake apprenticeships or traineeships, or plan to recruit new apprentices or trainees to meet the needs of your business