Fair Work guides help apprentices get off to a good start

3 August, 2018

Good news for employers – the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) has launched two guides to assist you and your apprentices to understand your rights and obligations in the workplace.

After an audit revealed that one in three Australian businesses weren’t paying their apprentices correctly, the FWO decided that further assistance was required. As part of their commitment to ensuring the apprenticeship programme is a positive and productive experience for both employers and apprentices, the two new handbooks were created.

The guides – one for apprentices and one for employers – set out essential information about workplace rights and responsibilities including apprentice pay, rules around hiring apprentices and tips for resolving workplace issues. The handbooks also provide information on where to turn to for support throughout the apprenticeship.

Both guides are now available for download here:

They complement an existing range of tools and resources already available at www.fairwork.gov.au, including fact sheets, best practice guides and an online course about hiring staff, including young workers.

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