Mindy joins Halliday as company’s first female engineer

12 July, 2018

NSW company Halliday Engineering has achieved many milestones in their 166 years of operation. The most recent highlight for the Sydney based company, was the sign up of their first female apprentice engineer and a move towards greater workforce diversity.

MEGT apprentice, Mindy Riddle is one of a growing number of women challenging the outdated stereotypes by entering this traditionally male-dominated industry.

So far Mindy has found working at Halliday to be a positive experience, with her male colleagues, “really supportive and encouraging” of her learning.

Mindy hopes to inspire other women to pursue roles in typically male-dominated industries. When asked her advice to other women who are thinking about doing an apprenticeship in a non-traditional trade, Mindy says, “Go for it, I hope other women find the confidence to pursue what they want to do. Work hard and don’t let gender be an excuse. Have a go and see what happens.”

With such drive and fearlessness, we’re sure Mindy will go far!