Put staff training back on the menu

27 July, 2018

Build their skills before the busy season

The hospitality industry is booming. Peak season is coming at you. You know putting on summer casuals will be an easy fix…but is that really the best way for you and your team to smash it out this summer?

With more and more hospitality businesses out there looking to attract and retain the best local staff they can find, why not make this the year you try something different by investing in the future of your staff and your business. Now’s your chance to knock out the competition and show that working in the hospitality industry can be more than just a summer job by taking on permanent part-time and full-time employees and offering them the opportunity to undertake a Certificate III in Hospitality traineeship.

What are the perks?

When you provide formal training for your staff, you’ll not only attract job seekers who are serious about the hospitality industry, you’ll also be increasing the skills and capability of your business. And as you know, a strong team offering a superior customer experience is the key to any successful venue.

As an employer, you may also be eligible for Government financial incentives and/or training subsidies when you sign up a trainee.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one! Well, only that to engage a trainee, a Commonwealth Government Training Contact must be in place. Sounds complicated we know, but don’t worry – that’s where we come in!

We’re here to help you determine if formal training is right for your team, to sign up your trainees, and to check your eligibility for Government incentives and training subsidies.