More skills, services and incentives for your electrical business

14 October, 2019

It is no secret to electricians that technology is evolving at a rapid pace.

With the everchanging nature of electrical work, skills such as security installation are in high demand.

On top of new technologies, changes in employment models (such as airtasker) are increasing the need for transferable skills in the telecommunications and electrical industry.

Broaden your business

If you’ve thought about upskilling your workforce or offering more electrical services to meet your market’s needs, we have great news.

Upskilling one of your workers in a Certificate III in Telecommunications Technology right now is a win-win-win.

Being a legal requirement to perform certain services, having this qual under a worker’s belt allows you to expand your business suite.

Upon completion, workers will be able to:

  • Install data and security system cabling
  • Cross skills on all forms of telecommunications cabling: fibre, copper & coaxial
  • Perform NBN installation
  • Apply for a cable license (combined with 360 industry-based hours)

Get paid to upskill

Not only does upskilling your workforce offer you more business opportunity, but Telecommunications has been listed as part of the National Skills Needs List.

This means subsidised and fee-free training is available for workers undertaking the qual, taking away the cost of formal training from employers.

It also means by skilling one of your workers in Telecommunications, you could be potentially eligible for further Government financial incentives of up to $4,000!

How does it work?

To engage your workers in an apprenticeship or traineeship, a Commonwealth Government Training Contract must be in place. It may sound complicated but don’t worry – that’s where we come in!

We’re here to sign up your employees and check your eligibility for funding and other Government financial incentives so your business and workforce can get the skills they need.