Full speed ahead at FluidDrive

18 June, 2017

FluidDrive Holdings, Australasia’s leading remanufactured vehicle transmission specialists, have been working with MEGT to provide employment opportunities to local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples since 2015.

The 50-year old company based in Preston, Victoria began employing and training apprentices sourced through MEGT’s Vocational Training and Employment Centre (VTEC) when Adrian Watts, FluidDrive Operations Manager, learned of VTEC’s services. VTEC could not only save the company time by sourcing and pre-screening candidates but could also provide support to the employer and the new employee for the first six months of employment.

Adrian has been a dedicated employer, providing flexible working and learning conditions to both experienced and inexperienced workers

“The employment support program offered through VTEC was an excellent way to source suitable people and meet requirements. At FluidDrive, we believe in giving anyone a chance at employment regardless of race, age or experience,” said Adrian.

Of the candidates we’ve placed with FluidDrive, five remain with the company and are making excellent progress.

Here are their success stories:

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    Tyrone Sweeney

    Tyrone was one of the first candidates placed at Fluid Drive in September 2015 and has no plans to leave the company.

    “Since I started at FluidDrive, I have been guaranteed ongoing work, incentives and an opportunity to grow within the organisation. Before working at FluidDrive, I was a concrete polisher but the job was inconsistent and hours weren’t great. I needed to find something more sustainable,” he said.

    He also credits our VTEC team with helping him during his time at FluidDrive.

    “MEGT VTEC supported me for six months, popping into work and checking in to see if everything was going well. It’s great to have that kind of support to make sure my job is safe and that I can talk about anything if I need help,” said Tyrone.

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    Michael Jones

    The youngest of the group, Michael was employed at FluidDrive having only just left school with no previous work history except work experience. After Michael had been given an opportunity by Adrian to learn the trade, he was quickly taken under the wing of his fellow workmates.

    Soon after commencing at FluidDrive, Michael learned that his uncle (Tyrone Sweeney) was employed there also and reunited with him at the same time!

    Michael appreciates how supportive and patient FluidDrive have been and he is happy that he has been given a chance to work. He also says he now has a routine and is keeping out of mischief.

    “MEGT VTEC worked hard to put me forward to the employer as I didn’t have much experience and needed someone to vouch for me. I need the support as this is all new to me and I can talk to my mentor if I am struggling with anything,” he said.

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    James Daniel

    Before James commenced employment at FluidDrive in March 2016, he was doing odd jobs for a carpentry business, but he wasn’t receiving enough work and was finding it hard to support his family.

    James met one of our VTEC team at an information session run by Salvation Army Plus, and soon after, VTEC helped him gain full-time employment with FluidDrive.

    Pleased to now have reliable income and steady work, James is going strong at FluidDrive and believes the company has been the best employer he has ever had. James also appreciated the help from MEGT VTEC and the ongoing support.

    “Just knowing I could contact MEGT VTEC at any time to address any concerns was comforting,” said James.

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    Kalvin Ewart

    Kalvin had been seeking assistance from MEGT VTEC to find work and had attended our VTEC office frequently, demonstrating a keen dedication to finding employment. When VTEC learned that FluidDrive were looking to put on another worker, Kalvin was put forward.

    Now saving money so he can move out of home, Kalvin is grateful for the opportunity FluidDrive has provided, and for the support of his co-workers in helping him learn the job.

    Kalvin also stated he was grateful for all the help MEGT VTEC gave him in finding work, organising a work uniform, and for the ongoing chats to help him work through any concerns he has.

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    Gabriel Augustine

    After moving to Victoria in January 2016, Gabriel found it increasingly difficult to find work. After meeting with a VTEC Mentor in February 2017, his Mentor organised an interview with FluidDrive and Gabriel was successful in gaining a role with the company.

    Gabriel can now support his mum and brother with a steady income and feels that his colleagues at FluidDrive are like family.

    “MEGT VTEC didn’t muck around and were very proactive in their help to find me work. They have been monitoring me since I started just to make sure everything is good and see if I need any support. I am really happy to have this level of support from them,” said Gabriel.

The company

FluidDrive is a fast-paced, busy company and all employees work hard and under time constraints. The employees and staff at FluidDrive have varying roles; some on forklift and others on tear down and the more seasoned staff are excellent mentors for new workers coming in.

MEGT VTEC and FluidDrive continue to have a great working relationship with consistent contact to check on the staff as well as providing support as required.

Adrian is currently considering another candidate of two recently interviewed to add to the team, and we value his willingness to understand the needs and complexities of VTEC employees. We’re pleased to acknowledge the dedication of this employer to provide ongoing employment opportunities to our VTEC candidates.