Cummins South Pacific – powered by apprentices

15 April, 2016

Earlier this year, one of our longstanding national clients, Cummins South Pacific welcomed 58 new mechanical, electrical and parts interpreting apprentices to teams across 26 of their 35 branch locations.

Coming from across Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, the apprentices met in Melbourne for a five-day induction program, to give them the skills and confidence they need to hit the ground running in their new roles.

Of the 58, we were proud to see 12 women within the group who are smashing stereotypes and taking on non-traditional trades!

As Cummins South Pacific’s Apprenticeship Network Provider of choice, we signed the new starters into their Training Contracts and will be on hand to give them the support they need to succeed in their training and beyond.

Congratulations to the apprentices and to Cummins South Pacific for continuing to support real skills for real careers in your local communities!