Losing good apprentices to bad onboarding?

22 May, 2017

Recruiting new apprentices or trainees? It’s no longer all about you(r business).

There was a time when hiring and onboarding were all about the employer. All that mattered was finding the right person with the right skills to fill a vacant role at the right time - and of course at the right price!

While “the right fit” is still a top priority, recruiters are now starting to recognise the importance of a strong candidate experience in improving their quality of hires. In fact, this shift in focus has led to companies that invest in a strong candidate experience reporting a 70% improvement in quality of hires! *

So how do you improve candidate experience?

In a time of ever-increasing workloads and broader job responsibilities, finding dedicated resources to develop an effective recruitment and onboarding process can seem impossible. This is why more and more organisations around Australia are choosing to become a Host Employer with MEGT.

Becoming a Host Employer is the ideal flexible labour solution. All you need to do is provide on-the-job training and supervision for your new apprentice or trainee for the time they are required. You can host the apprentice or trainee short or long-term, depending on your business needs and if your new employee is no longer required, simply let us know, and we’ll place them with another employer.

We ’ll handle the rest – this means we will:

  • Work with you to identify your needs and find the right person for the job
  • Become the legal employer of your new apprentice or trainee and pay their wages and entitlements
  • Take your new employee through a comprehensive induction and onboarding process to ensure they’re work ready before they join your workforce and have a positive first impression of your company
  • Monitor training and manage performance and work health and safety throughout the apprenticeship or traineeship

For a flexible apprentice and trainee recruitment and onboarding solution designed to increase your quality of hires contact your local experts today.

Prefer to hire directly? We’ve got you covered too.

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