ACT employers! This one’s for you…

14 October, 2018

So, you’ve put on an apprentice or trainee? Or you’re thinking about signing one up?

By hiring and signing up an apprentice or trainee, you’re not only giving a local job seeker a valuable opportunity to get the skills and experience they need to succeed, you’re also doing right by your business. Apprentices and trainees can be a cost-effective way to build the capacity of your workforce and train up new workers to reach your goals your way. You may even be eligible for Government financial incentives to offset the cost of training.


An apprentice or trainee can only be paid apprentice or trainee wages if they’re signed into a Commonwealth Government Training Contract. You may be required to pay them labourer wages for any hours worked before the Training Contract is lodged.

In the ACT, you need to contact an Apprenticeship Network Provider within 28 calendar days of employment, to arrange for your apprentice or trainee to be signed into a formal Training Contract and registered with Skills Canberra.

What happens if I wait longer than 28 days?

By signing up your apprentice or trainee outside of this 28-day period, you’re not only risking possible penalties for underpayment of wages, you will also be required to supply evidence to Skills Canberra demonstrating why you couldn’t meet this requirement.

This might all sound complicated but don’t worry - we’re here to make it easy. Contact us within 28 calendar days of your apprentice or trainee commencing and we’ll visit your workplace, sign up your apprentice or trainee, lodge their Training Contract with Skills Canberra, and…that’s it! You’ve met your requirements and your apprentice or trainee can get on with the job!

If you’ve already had an apprentice or trainee on the books for more than 28 days, we can help with that too. We’ll step you through the process required by Skills Canberra to get your apprentice or trainee on track and help you get back to what you do best.