Car2Bus Program Launches

30 June, 2023

Job seekers with a passion for the transport industry will be the big beneficiaries of an innovative pre-employment program launched today on the Gold Coast.

Program provider MEGT has teamed up with MAJOR Training to deliver the Car2Bus program, which will help 300 candidates to acquire their entry medium rigid vehicle license.

The program, targeted at women, First Nations people, and immigrants, also includes enhanced driver safety courses via virtual reality training.

MEGT Manager of Strategy and Design, Chris Dale, said three-quarters of the program participants will be drawn from the south-east Queensland region.

“Teaching core technical and heavy vehicle driving skills is the first tangible step towards people with a passion for the transport industry getting a foot in the door of this great industry”, he said.

“We’ve partnered with MAJOR Training to deliver other programs many times in the past, and I know the participants will get first-rate training to get them on the road to a great career”.

MAJOR Training general manager Corey Bowles said Australia’s reliance on road transport means candidates who complete the course will help form the frontline of a critical service.

“We are using state-of-the-art technology to give participants a realistic and real-time picture of the skills required to drive heavy vehicles”, he said.

“Getting people job-ready is what we’re passionate about, and Car2Bus is a great way to provide the skills and the confidence they need to find employment in such a critical sector”.

The program is funded by Queensland’s Department of Youth, Justice, Employment, Small Business, and Training as part of the ‘Good people Good jobs: Queensland Workforce Strategy 2022-2032’ initiative.

The balance of participants will be trained in the Cairns and Townsville regions, helping secure a pipeline of skills and talent for the transport industry, which is one of Australia’s biggest employers.