Recruit now to hit the ground running in 2023

16 December, 2022

Thousands of young Australians have just finished their schooling and are looking for work. The longer employers wait to find them, the shallower the talent pool gets. That means you could pay a big price for putting off recruitment just because ‘nobody is looking for work in December’.

The fact is, they are. Candidates have time on their hands, time to look for work on social media. Time to research what kind of work they want. Time to think about a career change. Time to find and apply for job vacancies.

Remember, there’s lots of employers who’ve already jumped ahead of the pack and started recruiting their 2023 workforce. They know December is anything but a slow time in the world of business. Just think about the advantages of acting now:

Getting in first: Everyone runs out of puff by the end of the year, especially busy business owners. That shouldn’t mean recruitment opportunities slip by though, because it’ll be a lot harder to find good candidates once your competition’s picked over the best of the best.

Quality training time: This is a great time of year to onboard new staff and teach them the ropes. The workflow often slows as clients go on holidays, giving you a golden opportunity to teach someone new, instead of juggling their training while being run off your feet. Not only that, but they’ll also have some great experience under their belt once things ramp up again.

The big guys are on holidays. Big businesses with big recruiting budgets have usually run out of money for finding staff as the year draws to a close. That’s where SMEs can take advantage of a ‘clear run’ at the talent pool that’s out there. Slipping under the radar and snatching the best candidates isn’t sneaky, it’s just smart business.

Happy New Year! People still love making new year resolutions, especially when it comes to leaving jobs in which they’re unhappy or choosing their first career. Why not take advantage? You’ve got a great business, a great workplace culture, and great opportunities for the right candidate, right? So go on, dive into the pool of job seekers who are out there just waiting for a chance to work for you!

We’d love to help you find your next apprentice or trainee, so take a look at some of the effective, free services we can provide you with to make the process easy, and ensure you find the right candidates.

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