Setting a high benchmark for quality

20 October, 2020

MEGT has been officially recognised as having the highest possible international standard of business and quality management systems across its’ Apprenticeship Network Provider (ANP) division.

The ISO 9001:2015 certification is recognition that the ANP division has in place a gold standard platform for consistent quality assurance, along with rigorous procedures to ensure ongoing improvements.

The certification means the ANP’s business systems and processes comply with an internationally recognised set of standards, giving clients and customers peace of mind about the standards that are in place to guarantee a high standard of service.

It was the end result of an exhaustive nine month process, in which MEGT was required to demonstrate that its’ quality management systems were among the best in the world.

ISO 9001 certification is continually reviewed, and MEGT is committed to further enhancing and improving standards which already exceed what’s required to retain accreditation.

By completing the audit, MEGT has earned the right to display the ISO 9001 certification mark, confirmation that the business has demonstrated the highest possible commitment to quality.

Background on ISO member bodies can be found here.