The time is now to plan your workforce training

21 July, 2020

Australian employers are turning to apprentices and trainees to help rebuild their workforces, as a host of infrastructure projects are rolled out to counter the economic impact of COVID-19.

The Federal Government has announced $72 billion in public and private spending on 15 major projects, in which apprentices and trainees will play a major role. This investment is both welcome, and very necessary, if Australia is to retain and train the next generation of skilled workers.

The projects will create an estimated 66,000 jobs, including many apprentices and trainees, some of whom were impacted by the COVID-19 economic downturn.

Employers were left with no choice but to stand down workers in the early stages of the pandemic, but realise the time is now to prepare for the upcoming pipeline of projects.

While any investment in industries such as building and construction are welcome, much more is required to avoid a skills shortage in the months and years ahead.

After several months of economic uncertainty, employers are just beginning to re-engage with apprentices to address their immediate labour needs, and ensure these workers have the skills required in a future workplace.

Group training organisations are playing a pivotal role in this re-engagement, by offering a no-risk strategy to ensure workers’ training needs.

By engaging GTOs, employers can focus on their company’s strategic goals, while ensuring workers get all the administrative and training support they require to play a pivotal role in Australia’s COVID-19 recovery.


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