MEGT is helping drive higher standards in aged care sector

31 July, 2020

MEGT has partnered with Aged & Community Services Australia (ACSA) and PowerHouseHub to deliver the Aged Care Potential program. This program will help improve the employability of aged care workers in Queensland, by teaching them skills which are critical and highly sought after in a rapidly growing sector.

MEGT will deliver four online courses, or ‘micro-credentials’, to 360 exisiting and 40 new aged care workers.

What are micro-credentials?

Micro-credentials are short courses designed to address skills gaps across many different types of business sectors, including aged care. They ensure workers are up-to-date with developments in their industry, while helping prepare them for the future by developing competencies that aren’t always taught in traditional fields of education.

What courses are available?

Under this program, MEGT is offering four micro-credential courses, including:

  • Planning for Pandemics
  • Leadership in Crisis
  • Dignity of Risk
  • Understanding Aged Care Standards

They are specifically designed to help current and future employees cater for the needs of some of Australia’s most vulnerable citizens in aged care. It is vital that all workers are prepared, and skilled, to deliver high quality care to those who need it.

The Aged Care Potential program will address the complex needs of a vital and growing sector, which is expected to triple the size of its’ workforce over the next decade. It will also help address issues identified by the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety.

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