MEGT meets the highest possible IT security standard

1 June, 2020

MEGT has successfully completed the final audit stage to attain one of the most stringent security management standards in the world.

The standard, known as ISO 27001, is an international security benchmark which outlines the best possible practices to protect personal data.

MEGT holds sensitive information about staff, employers and apprentices. This information, including security, financial, and intellectual property, needs to be stored and accessed securely. Achieving the ISO 27001 certification means your data is in safe hands, as our systems continually assess threats and vulnerabilities.

We will continue to undergo annual audits to ensure our approach to information security improves and adapts to new and ever-changing threats.

By completing all audit stages, MEGT is entitled to display the ISO 27001 certification mark. This mark means we put the highest priority on the protection of personal data, and are fully compliant with strict ISO 27001 standards.

MEGT is committed to maintaining secure storage, management and protection of all our data to guarantee the highest possible standard of information security.

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