Introducing Hibernation Services

9 April, 2020

New services to help businesses through these challenging times

Has your business had to go into hibernation, and you can no longer retain your employees but want to re-engage them when the crisis is over?

MEGT can offer support to you and your employees so they are ready to return to work when you need them. Our range of Hibernation Services are tailored to your business’ unique needs – because one size doesn’t fit all.

What are Hibernation Services?

MEGT Hibernation Services will manage your employees during your hibernation or downturn. You can choose from a range of options to suit your needs. These include:

  • Payroll service & advice
  • Stimulus entitlement and claim support
  • Mentoring for apprentices and trainees
  • Apprentice and trainee access to Employee Assistance program
  • Training plan support and progression
  • Return to employment coordination
  • Title
    Administering payroll and advice

    With our risk-free Payroll Service, we’ll take care of employee payments, JobKeeper and applicable wage subsidy payments, as well as leave requests and approvals. In addition to this, MEGT will support apprentices and trainees receiving the Jobseeker payment and assist where we can to ensure they are looked after.

  • Title
    Employer support

    The Australian Government has announced a range of benefits to assist businesses during these challenging times. We will help you navigate what eligibility criteria, provide updates and advise on possible transitions between apprentice and trainee wage subsidies, which can be managed by MEGT.

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    Mentoring apprentices and trainees

    While your apprentices and trainees are in hibernation, we will be in constant communication to make them feel included and positive about their future. We will also provide training plan support, online upskilling opportunities, and return to work plans.

  • Title
    Training and development

    Employers will still have options to keep their apprentice or trainee’s training on track while they’re not actively working. We can advise you on training plans, provide tailored online learning, and conduct online work assessments. By keeping your apprentice or trainee in training, they will remain engaged and motivated, ready to return to work when the time is right.

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