The Cyber Security Traineeship Program

11 December, 2019

Building cybersecurity capability in South Australia’s ICT sector is critical for our State’s economic future. 

The Government of South Australia, in collaboration with TAFE SA and MEGT (Australia) Ltd, invites you to upskill your existing staff or employ new staff in South Australia through a FREE Cyber Security Traineeship.

AustCyber has developed the Certificate IV in Cyber Security, in partnership with the TAFE Australia network, and is now available at TAFE SA.

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    What does the Certificate IV in Cyber Security cover?

    Training covers:

    • Penetration testing
    • Identifying and reporting website and system vulnerabilities
    • System testing
    • Securing PCs in a workplace environment
    • Evaluating and reporting cyber security incidents
    • Networking concepts and protocols
    • Setting up and managing network security
    • Security script programming
    • Website security
    • Problem researching
    • Developing cyber policies and procedures to meet workplace and legislative requirements

The course is available online, classroom-based or a blend of both. We recommend that new staff should attend classes for extra lecturer support, whereas existing staff with an ICT background can work at their own pace through the online platform with lecturer support as required.

New and existing staff can take up to two years to finish the course. Existing staff who already know the basics can receive recognition of workplace learning and can just focus on their skill gaps, completing the course much faster.

Your company will need to provide a mentor in the workplace – someone who already has cyber security knowledge and can let the employee practice their learning.

Skilling SA will fund the full cost of the course, including any extra training materials required, if staff are signed up under a Training Contract for a minimum of 60 days. 

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    What is a Training Contract/Traineeship?

    A Training Contract is commonly known as a Traineeship or Apprenticeship. It can be full-time or part-time and is available to anyone of working age and at any education level.

    A Training Contract is a legal agreement between an employer and employee, agreeing that the employee will undertake training and will be paid for all their workplace hours and their training hours. In return, the employee agrees to stay with the company until they complete the Traineeship. A Training Contract is in addition to your company's standard Employment Contract.

    To make sure Trainees will be safe and have what they need, the SA Government requires an online Employer Registration which lasts for five years.  
    Trainees also need to be able to apply their training on the job and be mentored by a supervisor with relevant industry knowledge. The supervisor does not need to have any cyber security qualification, but they do need to have experience in cyber security operations.

    For existing staff, their wages stay the same. They can study online, but they will need some work time set aside to study and an opportunity to apply what they learn. New workers on a Traineeship are paid under the relevant Award for your industry. If your industry Award does not mention Traineeships, then the pay rate defaults to the Miscellaneous Award. Employing new staff under a Traineeship may also attract Commonwealth Government incentives of up to $4,000 per Trainee.

Do you want to take advantage of this free training incentive?
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The Government of South Australia proudly funds this Cyber Security Traineeship Program.

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