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If you have an awesome friend who is looking for an apprenticeship or traineeship, why not send them our way? If they land a job with us, you’ll get rewarded!

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Do a friend a favour – tell them to email their resume to the address listed below and we’ll be in touch. If they’re successful, you get rewarded!

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    The important stuff you need to know

    *MEGT candidate incentive program – terms and conditions

    1. The MEGT – RMS candidate incentive program is available to any person (‘the referee’) who has been or is currently employed by MEGT as an apprentice or trainee. By successfully referring a new candidate to MEGT, the referee is eligible to receive a gift voucher to the value of AU$100 from their choice of a range of suppliers as advised by the MEGT Field Consultant (suppliers subject to change).
    2. To be eligible, all of the following steps must be taken:
      • a. the referee refers a new candidate to MEGT for employment by MEGT as an apprentice or trainee (“the new candidate”), and
      • b. the new candidate names the referee on their initial application for employment, and
      • c. the new candidate is successfully employed by MEGT, and
      • d. the new candidate continues to be employed by MEGT for minimum period of one month.
    3. Upon receiving a referral, MEGT will review the application for employment on its merits. The referral of a new candidate does not oblige MEGT to conduct an interview and the decision to employ the new candidate is at the discretion of MEGT.
    4. Progress of the new candidate’s application is a confidential matter between MEGT and the new candidate and cannot be shared with the referee. The referee will, however, be notified if the new candidate is employed and has successfully complete the minimum period of employment as outlined above.
    5. Once all eligibility criteria have been met, the referee will be contacted by MEGT to select their preferred reward (from available vouchers as per above).
    6. Once the referee has selected their preferred voucher, the voucher will be delivered to the referee’s nominated postal address.
    7. The reward cannot be split between multiple recipients.
    8. There is no limit to the number of new candidate referrals a referee can submit and consequently the number of vouchers the referee may receive (pending eligibility as outlined above).
    9. The following will not be considered as a referral, and are not eligible for the reward:
      • a. New candidates who have already been referred by another referee.
      • b. New candidates already working for MEGT.
      • c. New candidates who have already applied for a role with MEGT within the last 12 months.