MEGT’s VET Champions

22 January, 2024

The Victorian Government has announced a team of VET Champions to celebrate high-achieving Victorians who’ve started successful careers via a Vocational Education and Training (VET) pathway. 

MEGT is proud that several of the VET Champions were signed into their original Training Contracts by our business, including: 

Ashley Beeby (Diesel Mechanic, Bild Group) 

Chris Mallon (General Manager, ACM Auto Parts) 

Jessica Blakely (Education Support Officer, Hamlyn Views School) 

Sophie Russell (Early Childhood Educator, Pooh Bear’s House Early Learning Centre) 

Pat Cummins (Electrician and Company Director) 

Each VET Champion has excelled in their field and speaks passionately to groups including school students about their positive VET experience. 

You can learn more about their inspirational stories and where they are now by clicking here.