I Got Landscaped: The ideal start for green thumbs

I Got Landscaped

What is I Got Landscaped?

I Got Landscaped is an ‘earn while you learn’ experience while completing a nationally recognised qualification in Conservation and Ecosystem Management. The traineeship is open to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people in the Brisbane area.

The traineeship provides participants with full wraparound support while they complete their certificate, and specialist workshops and training to learn about culture, country, and community through the lens of traditional conservation techniques, native flora, and Indigenous bush tucker.

The program will provide landscaping services at community housing for Indigenous people in the areas of:

  • Chermside
  • Zillmere
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    How can I Got Landscaped help me?

    The main objectives of I Got Landscaped are to:

    • Increase the skills, work readiness and self-belief of First Nations jobseekers to help them obtain employment
    • Complete a traineeship in Certificate I in Conservation and Ecosystem Management, plus learning additional units and soft skills
    • Improve the quality of community housing for First Nations people

    To help you find work, we’ll hold casual events such as barbecues periodically where you can meet with our employer partners and other business leaders. These are opportunities to chat with employers about employment opportunities which you may be perfect for!

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    What kind of support will I receive?

    Each participant will receive ongoing help from MEGT’s specialist Indigenous Apprenticeship Trainee Network mentors. Other support includes:

    • Pre-employment seminars
    • Individual case management to develop employability, life and foundation skills
    • A dedicated Skilling Queenslanders for Work representative offering weekly contact and support
    • Post placement mentoring and support
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    Am I eligible?

    I Got Landscaped is available to Indigenous jobseekers and/or early school leavers based in the Brisbane area. To be eligible, you must be:

    •    Aged 15 years or over and identify as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person
    •    No longer attending school
    •    Not currently employed
    •    An Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident (includes Humanitarian Entrants), a temporary resident on a pathway to permanent residency who currently holds the necessary Visa and work permits, or a New Zealand citizen

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    I am interested. What do I need to do?

    If you’re interested, contact Wayne Tyrie on 0429 894 307 or waynetyrie@megt.com.au 
     or fill out the webform below!

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