So you want a career in hospitality?

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Hospitality traineeships are more than just washing dishes and waiting tables.

As a hospitality trainee, you’ll be working (and earning!) in a real business to learn the ins and outs of how they operate, whether they’re a restaurant, café, pub, club, catering company or even hotel – the opportunities are endless!

One day you could be making cocktails and serving meals, and the next could see you preparing for a big event.

Whichever path you take in the industry, one thing is certain – every day will see you interacting with customers from all walks of life. 

Here are the FAQs!

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    Will a hospitality traineeship suit me?

    The number one thing you have to be ok with as a hospitality trainee is being energetic and social!

    If you like the sound of providing A+ customer service for everyone who visits your establishment, then this just might be the career path for you.

    You’ll also need to have a genuine interest in food and beverages, enjoy being on your toes and like making people feel welcome and comfortable.

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    What will I learn?

    You’ll learn the skills to safely prepare and serve a variety of food and beverages and most importantly, how to communicate effectively with the people that want to buy them.

    You can be a hospitality trainee in any type of hospitality business from restaurants and coffee shops to function centres and casinos.

    No matter which hospitality business you do your traineeship with, you’ll learn real skills on-the-job AND work towards a nationally recognised qualification! (Check out pathways here).

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    How long is a hospitality traineeship and what's the wage?

    Typically, a hospitality traineeship takes 1-2 years to complete.

    And your wage? Well, that all depends on your award!

    To find out which award your traineeship comes under, take a look at Fair Work’s free and easy to use pay calculator here.

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    What happens once I'm fully qualified?

    Once you’re fully qualified, you’ll have a broad set of skills and a qualification to take you wherever you want to go in the industry.

    You might want to stay with your current employer and take on more responsibilities within the business (like managing staff and new trainees!) or maybe you’ll want to take your skills elsewhere.

    Whatever you decide, there’s plenty of work to be had in the hospitality industry. In just five years, the hospitality industry has seen more than 5% growth AND sits in the top 20% of industries with the highest number of employees.*

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