Empowering Career Options

Empowering Career Options

New skills for new beginnings

At MEGT, we know that formal training and sustainable employment can change lives and it’s our mission to make sure these opportunities are available to all Australians.

We also know it can be especially difficult for victims of domestic violence who may need to find work or change jobs quickly following separation from a violent partner.

That’s where our Empowering Career Options programme comes in

The programme will provide end-to-end support to eligible participants based in the Brisbane area and affected by domestic violence to assist them in successfully gaining a nationally accredited qualification and entering sustainable employment.

  • What is Empowering Career Options?

    Funded by the Queensland State Government’s Skilling Queenslanders for Work scheme, Empowering Career Options is a new Community Work Skills programme aimed at improving the skills, employment opportunities and social inclusion for victims of domestic violence.

  • How does it work?

    Commencing in October 2018 and running for 12 months, Empowering Career Options offers participants the opportunity to complete a nationally accredited qualification - Certificate III in Business Administration.

    Training runs for 14 weeks and is provided at no cost to participants.

    Participants will also benefit from:

    • Improved employability skills, self-belief and work attitude, designed to ensure they are confident and job-ready
    • Work experience placements where participants can demonstrate their work readiness to employers and gain valuable on the job experience
    • Exposure to open and sustainable employment opportunities

    The programme will also boost the community in and around Brisbane by providing a valuable link between participants, employers and other support services and by providing employers with trained, work-ready people.

  • Am I eligible?

    Empowering Career Options has been created specifically to assist victims of domestic violence based in the Brisbane area.

    To be eligible, participants must also be:

    • Aged 15 years or over, and
    • No longer attending school, and
    • An Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident (includes Humanitarian Entrants), a temporary resident on a pathway to permanent residency who currently holds the necessary Visa and work permits, or a New Zealand citizen
  • How do I get involved?

    We’re currently welcoming expressions of interest from potential participants.

    If you’re receiving support from a community-based organisation or employment services provider, your case manager is welcome to contact MEGT directly and chat to us about you taking part in the programme.

    You can also contact MEGT directly to let us know you’re interested in taking part.

This Skilling Queenslanders for Work project is proudly funded by the Queensland Government.