Writing a job ad and position description

Attracting the right candidates starts with an effective job ad and a clear position description. Check out our tips to help you get seen and get ahead of the rest:

  • Job title

    An effective and clear job title should include:

    • The occupation or trade – job seekers will tend to search by the occupation or trade they are interested in such as ‘Carpenter’ or ‘Plumber.’
    • The required year level (1st  year, 2nd year, etc.) and whether the vacancy is an apprenticeship or traineeship – if you’re unsure, contact our Career Hub on 1300 562 482.
  • Position description

    A clear and effective job description should include:

    Company information

    • The size and setup of the business e.g. small family owned business
    • The size of the team or number of employees they’ll be working with
    • How long the business has been operating
    • Main work locations

    Specific details about the role

    This is where you can sell your position! Provide a brief outline of the duties to be performed, the type of work, working hours and work days and any other employment arrangements or benefits that will make this position attractive to applicants such as RDOs, or pay that is above award rates.

    Key selection criteria

    List the skills and attributes you require your apprentice or trainee to have. You should distinguish between those that are essential for the job and those that you prefer your apprentice or trainee to have but are not mandatory.

  • Other tips

    Consider your target audience

    Most job seekers looking for an apprenticeship or traineeship will be young school leavers with limited or no work experience. This may even be the first job that they have applied for. This is why it’s important to not overwhelm them with information - keep your ad simple, concise and to the point. Use clear headings, short sentences and bullet points.

    Use professional language and avoid words that may appear discriminatory

    Anything that could be seen as discriminatory cannot be included in a job advertisement. This includes age preferences, gender, race, religion, etc. If you’re unsure, please refer to the Terms & Conditions section of the Career Hub or contact our Career Hub for more information on 1300 562 482.

    Request that applicants include a cover letter when they submit their application

    A cover letter provides more detailed information than a resume alone and can give you a better feel for the applicant; why they are applying for your job and if they may be a good match for your role. You can request a cover letter in your job description.

  • Example job ad

    Job Title

    1st-Year Apprentice Carpenter

    Job description

    ABC Carpentry is a small family run business based in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. We have a position available for a 1st-year carpentry apprentice to join our team of 5.

    We specialise in all aspects of carpentry from framing, lock up and fix to external cladding and decking. Work is across the eastern suburbs, Monday to Friday with some Saturday work and a monthly RDO.

    To be successful you will need to have the following:

    Must have

    • Completed Year 12
    • Completed a pre-apprenticeship
    • A white card
    • Basic knowledge of hand tools
    • Commitment and enthusiasm with a genuine interest in carpentry

    Preferred but not essential

    • Driver licence
    • Own car
    • Own tools

    Please include a cover letter with your application demonstrating how you meet the above criteria and why you would like to start a career in carpentry.