Next steps

So you’ve screened, interviewed, reference checked and chosen your successful candidate – what next?

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    Make an employment offer

    Call the successful candidate to offer them the position and obtain their verbal acceptance of your offer. Provide them with a Letter of Engagement. The letter informs new employees about the terms and conditions of their employment including:

    • Pay
    • Hours of work
    • Shift penalties and loadings
    • Leave entitlements, and
    • Termination of employment notice periods

    If you need assistance writing a letter of engagement, you can refer to the Fair Work Ombudsman Letter of Engagement Template Form.

    To determine the applicable award entitlements such as pay rates, penalties and leave entitlements you can refer to the Fair Work Pay and Conditions Tool.

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    Sign up your apprentice or trainee

    To engage an apprentice or trainee, a Commonwealth Government Training Contract must be in place. That may sound complicated but don’t worry – that’s where we come in!

    Once you’ve offered the role to your successful candidate, they’ve accepted, and you’ve agreed on a start date, contact our Career Hub on 1300 562 482. We’ll arrange for your local MEGT Apprenticeships Field Consultant to get in touch with you and organise a suitable time to visit your workplace to sign up and register your new apprentice or trainee.

    For more information on the Australian Apprenticeships programme and the sign-up process, head here.

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    Induct your new apprentice or trainee

    To ensure your new apprentice or trainee gets off to a good start, it’s important that they feel welcomed, well-informed and equipped to do their job.

    Ideally, their induction should take place on their first day (or within the first week) and should cover:

    • Introductions to their colleagues and other relevant staff members.
    • A tour of the workplace including their workspace as well as lunch rooms, toilet facilities, car parking, etc.
    • Workplace policies such as hours of work, pay frequency, meal breaks, uniform or dress code, and what to do if they need to call in sick or apply for leave.

    To help plan your new apprentice or trainee’s induction, you can refer to the Fair Work Induction Checklist. 

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    Guide and mentor your new apprentice or trainee

    Last but certainly not least, it’s vital that your new apprentice or trainee has proper supervision and guidance to help them succeed.

    Your new apprentice or trainee may not have worked before and may be young which can make them more vulnerable. How you guide and support them can shape their attitude to work as well as your employment relationship.

    For more information about how best to support new apprentices and trainees, refer to the Fair Work Employer's Guide to Employing Young Workers and Guide to Taking on an Apprentice.