MEGT Marketing - National Marketing Manager

Objectives of the Division:

The objective of the Office of CEO is to provide high level, effective and efficient support to the CEO; and Corporate department and Divisions.

The primary objective of the Marketing Department is to position MEGT as a preferred provider of employment, training, education and workforce skills.


Objectives of the Position:

Advise the CEO and liaise with Executive Leadership Team on strategic marketing strategies that position MEGT as a preferred provider in a contestable market and build MEGT’s brand position.

Provide leadership in the marketing and communication of MEGT services to internal stakeholders.

This is a significant role within the organisation that establishes and drives the brand development and strategic marketing proposition. A key component is to drive innovative applications and cost-effective methods of delivering the marketing strategy in line with the Organisation’s goals.



The role is a direct report to the CEO and has a close working relationship with the Executive leadership team and their Management teams.

As an in-house, shared service, it is required to have good working relationships with staff and service providers.



Division:    Office of the CEO

Employees directly supervised:    11

Agreed outcomes:    as per Key Performance Indicators


Selection Criteria:

  • proven ability to establish and implement marketing initiatives and plans that meet the strategy within budget and deadlines

  • experience in successfully designing, planning, implementing and evaluating highly developed integrated strategic marketing campaigns

  • demonstrated commitment to providing a high level of customer service consistent with organisational values and objectives

  • understanding of market research design and implementation and ability to uncover key customer insights

  • advanced relationship development skills amongst internal stakeholders, external stakeholders and supporters and the ability to develop and implement community engagement strategies

  • highly developed public relations and presentation skills including the ability to develop and maintain positive relationships with the media

  • working knowledge of the potential of technological channels such as social media for the marketing of MEGT services

  • proven ability to lead a Marketing team

  • proven ability to establish performance plans and to manage and provide informal feedback and formal performance reviews to ensure both team and individual objectives are achieved

  • demonstrated ability to achieve goals within set timeframes and within budget

  • advanced written and oral communication skills 

  • attention to detail

  • demonstrated ability to take initiative and to be innovative

  • demonstrated ability to develop and implement corporate policy.


Qualifications, Skills and Attributes:


  • extensive marketing experience in a high-volume medium to large service enterprise environment

  • experience in designing, implementing and evaluating integrated marketing campaigns

  • experience managing a media relations program

  • demonstrated experience in developing and managing budgets

  • senior management experience in a changing industry and organisation

  • tertiary qualification/s in marketing, public relations or journalism

  • proficient in MS Office Suite

  • ability to interpret conceptual ideas in order to oversee the appropriate marketing solutions

  • project-management skills

  • ability to develop and implement innovative marketing plans in response to briefs, marketplace conditions and competitors

  • demonstrated capacity to develop and implement a marketing strategy


  • senior management experience in a large, diversified services organisation

  • a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of brand management with a demonstrated expertise in establishing and managing a brand style guide

  • excellent communication and interpersonal skills along with an exceptional customer service attitude

  • ability to work independently or within a small team environment

  • being receptive to change

  • ability to multitask with a high level of accuracy

  • experience in hiring, training, developing and supervising staff is essential.


Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. In conjunction with the General Managers, develop and maintain marketing strategies to meet agreed company objectives and divisional requirements. Those strategies to include brand, media and external relationships communications strategies in order to support MEGT’s business objectives and reputation with internal and external stakeholders (including the Board of Directors, staff, managers, government, media and the community).

  2. In conjunction with the General Managers, develop annual marketing plans in line with the marketing strategy that detail the year’s activity

  3. Market company services to the correct target market with tangible outcomes and measurements.

  4. Manage the marketing team to ensure the provision of a high-level quality service to General Managers.

  5. Develop, manage and approve the external corporate communications for the organisation in line with media guidelines and corporate protocols.

  6. Continually review the brand style to ensure that it meets the needs of MEGT and its customers and has a contemporary ‘look and feel’

  7. Manage the implementation of the MEGT brand to ensure it complies with the brand style guides and projects the organisation’s brand values.

  8. Manage the organisation’s online communications including website and social network media to benefit MEGT in line with company guidelines, policies and protocols.

  9. Manage the social media strategy that assists with cost effective marketing and execution of the organisation’s marketing strategy, to ensure MEGT is at the forefront of competitors.

  10. Evaluate customer research, market conditions, and competitor data and implement the marketing plan amendments as needed.

  11. In conjunction with the General Managers, oversee all corporate and Divisional marketing collateral and facilitate its development, production and implementation.

  12. Generate and manage media releases and media opportunities aimed at achieving frequent, timely and positive media coverage across all available media.

  13. Mitigate and manage risks of negative media and public commentary through

    • the development of appropriate policies

    • implementation of those policies and protocols and

    • internal communication of those policies, protocols and guidelines.

  14. Conduct market research and environmental scans in order to identify market requirements for current and future services.

  15. Provide high level advice to Divisional Managers in relation to

    • brand management

    • risks to the brand

    • national campaigns and business development opportunities

    • macro and micro market changes

    • media affecting MEGT

    • appropriate communication of issues in order to protect MEGT’s reputation.

  16. Develop external relationships to support our brand and media coverage.

  17. Oversee and manage accurate databases for electronic direct mail, protecting the databases in line with legal, contractual and privacy requirements and quality control the accuracy of data to be transmitted.

  18. Ensure the website meets the needs of MEGT and its customers, fully utilises the opportunities created by new technology and has a contemporary ‘look and feel’.

  19. Manage the Marketing Department intranet site.

  20. Develop innovative online solutions that will benefit MEGT.

  21. Establish and manage marketing team procedures that ensure projects are delivered on time, within budget and to a high quality.

  22. Comply with MEGT's policies, procedures and values.

(Note: The incumbent can expect to be allocated duties not specifically mentioned in this document, but within the capacity, qualifications and experience normally expected from persons occupying positions at this level.)


Key Performance Indicators:

Success in this role will be measured by KPI’s and MEGT’s Performance Appraisal & Development Program (PADP), including:

1. Strategy and leadership
Demonstrated contribution to Executive Team in relation to:
•    strategic analysis and formulation
•    risk analysis and formulation
•    operational management response
•    demonstrated teamwork within the Executive Team, including development of constructive, collaborative relationships

2. Operational management
•    Demonstrated internal customer satisfaction with team service delivery, including customer service culture, continuous improvement and service accountability.
•    All promotional materials delivered to a high-quality standard (alignment with the style guide and funding body requirements with no content errors).
•    Marketing campaigns designed as required that meet business objectives.
•    Budgetary targets met.
•    KPI’s met.

3. Financial management
Variance to budget.

4. Team leadership
•    A cohesive Marketing team that is engaged and focused on delivery of strategic goals.
•    A high level of internal customer satisfaction.
•    Corporate and marketing group goals are met.
•    Annual reviews are undertaken.

5. Integrated Marketing Strategy
•    Strategy document up to date.
•    Campaigns implemented on time and within budget.
•    Results reported to the Executive Team and Board and corrective action taken where required. 
•    Community brand awareness enhanced 
•    Campaign targets for the Marketing Department achieved.

6. Customer engagement
•    Educate the business on effective intake and follow up of customer enquiries to ensure maximum conversion of prospects.

7. Continuous improvement
•    Demonstrated application of contemporary, best practice technical, managerial and leadership skills.


Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Responsibilities:

All staff are required to take reasonable care for their own health and safety and that of other personnel who may be affected by their conduct.



MEGT is committed to welcoming and maintaining a diverse workforce, which will help us attract and retain a team of talented people to better serve our clients and improve business results.


Police Check:

This position is required to undertake a National Police Check and any State/Territory Working with Children Check (where applicable). The National Police Check must be renewed every 2 years from the date of the initial check as a minimum. A clearance to work with children in connection with the delivery of ASSN is mandatory.


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