So you want to be a business admin trainee?

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Business traineeships are more than just photocopying and fetching coffee.

As a business/admin trainee, you’ll be working (and earning!) in a real business as you learn everything from their day-to-day operations and business functions to high-level strategic goals.

With every business in any industry needing people who understand how a company works – the opportunities are endless!

One day you could be building relationships with potential customers and the next could see you sinking your teeth into the development of a sales plan.

Whichever path you take in the industry, one thing is certain – every day will see you communicating with a range of people to achieve business goals.

Here are the FAQs!

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    Will a business/admin traineeship suit me?

    The number one thing you have to be ok with as a business trainee is communication.

    If you like the sound of getting on the phone or writing an email to engage with customers and colleagues to problem-solve issues and deliver on business needs, then this just might be the career path for you.

    You’ll also need to have a genuine interest in the day-to-day functioning of a workplace and enjoy being organised (and not afraid of the occasional spreadsheet!)

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    What will I learn?

    You’ll learn the skills to confidently communicate with a range of people, understand business strategy and keep a workplace functioning at a high level.

    You can be a trainee in anything and everything business-related from sales and management to legal, medical or educational administration.

    No matter which business/admin traineeship you choose, you’ll learn real skills on-the-job AND work towards a nationally recognised qualification! (Check out pathways here).

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    How long is a business/admin traineeship and what's the wage?

    Typically, a business traineeship takes around 12 months to complete.

    And your wage? Well, that all depends on your award!

    To find out which award your traineeship comes under, take a look at Fair Work’s free and easy to use pay calculator here.

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    What happens once I'm fully qualified?

    A business traineeship opens lots of doors!

    Whether you stay on with your current employer and take on more responsibilities within the business (like training up new trainees!) OR use your traineeship as a pathway for further study in human resources, legal practices, finance, marketing and more - you’ll gain a great base of skills and a nationally recognised qualification to take with you wherever you go.

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