Why mentoring matters

The crucial role mentoring plays in supporting women in trades

If you are a business considering hiring a female apprentice, there are support resources and mentoring programs available for both you and your apprentice.

At MEGT, we believe mentoring is essential for women as they enter the trade industry. It provides them with the support, guidance and opportunities they need to succeed, while at the same time offering businesses retention, engagement, innovation and reputational benefits.

Mentors are confidants

Mentors create an environment where women feel comfortable discussing their concerns, fears, and frustrations. This emotional support can be crucial for overcoming obstacles and staying motivated.

"The role of a mentor is to offer confidential support and help apprentices navigate any issues they may encounter from the start of their apprenticeship right through to when they finish their training. Whether it is related to workplace training or personal struggles, we are here to assist them in addressing and resolving any type of problem", explained Simmone Cuevas, MEGT Mentor.

Mentors often support their apprentices by acting as their voice and advocating for them when they are not able to and building a relationship where mentees feel safe to ‘open up’ is based on years of experience and expertise.

“Our team takes on a person-centered approach in supporting their apprentices, & acts as their voice, advocating for them when they are not able to. MEGT is a little different than other organisations, in that our Mentors have qualifications in mental health, psychology, counseling, or social work. This allows us to support our apprentices”, Jodi Stevens, MEGT Mentoring Manager said.

Mentors are cheerleaders

Having a mentor can boost an apprentice’s confidence levels by providing encouragement and reassurance which can help them identify their strengths.

Mentors also work on strategies with employers to help drive employee engagement and satisfaction which can contribute to higher retention rates and a more positive work environment for everyone - especially important for female apprentices as they find their way in male-dominated workplaces.

“We do this by building rapport, giving focused advice, and designing a mentoring approach to best fit the needs of the female and the industry they are in. By identifying each mentee's unique strengths, providing guidance and not answers, and showing empathy we can really unlock their true potential”, explains Mardi Fogilani, MEGT Mentor.

Mentors are network builders

The importance of peer connection and female role modeling cannot be underestimated. Mentors facilitate networking and connection opportunities with other like-minded apprentices and women in trade. These connections can be inspiring and motivating, and potentially lead to future job opportunities, or career advancement.

Maddie, a final-year apprentice, shared her experience of having a mentor by her side throughout her training. "I have needed a lot of support during my apprenticeship and Simmone and MEGT have been incredible. I felt seen and heard and it gave me the confidence to push through challenges and keep moving forward. I really feel like I found a friend in Simmone".

Mentoring matters – and MEGT’s team of expert mentors are here to help.