So you want to be an auto apprentice?

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Automotive apprenticeships are more than just changing oil and brake fluid.

As an automotive apprentice, you’ll be working (and earning!) in a real business as you learn the inner workings of cars, trucks, motorcycles, or even tractors if that’s your thing – the opportunities are endless!

One day you could be completing a basic service, and the next could see you sinking your teeth into a weeklong engine rebuild.

Whichever path you take in the industry, one thing is certain – every day will have a different challenge to face.  

Here are the FAQs!

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    Will an auto apprenticeship suit me?

    The number one thing you have to be ok with as an automotive apprentice is getting your hands dirty!

    If you like the sound of using your problem-solving skills to nut out how things work, then this just might be the career path for you.

    You’ll also need to have a genuine interest in vehicles, be physically fit and enjoy hands-on, manual work.

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    What will I learn?

    You’ll learn the skills to safely inspect, diagnose, service and repair a variety of manual and automatic vehicles AND how to communicate effectively with the people that drive them.

    You can be an apprentice in anything and everything automotive-related from body repairs and manufacturing to plant and automotive electrical technology.

    No matter which auto apprenticeship you choose, you’ll learn real skills on-the-job AND work towards a nationally recognised qualification! (Check out pathways here).

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    How long is an auto apprenticeship and what's the wage?

    Typically, an automotive apprenticeship takes three years to complete.

    And your wage? Well, that all depends on your award!

    To find out which award an auto apprenticeship comes under, take a look at Fair Work’s free and easy to use pay calculator here.

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    What happens once I'm fully qualified?

    Once you’re fully qualified, you’ll have a broad set of skills and a qualification to take you wherever you want to go in the industry.

    You might want to stay with your current employer and take on more responsibilities within the business (like training up new apprentices!) or maybe you’ll want to take your skills elsewhere.

    Whatever you decide, there’s plenty of work to be had in the automotive industry. It’s one of the top industries when it comes to the number of employees (in the top 20% in fact) and has seen steady growth over the past five years.*

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