Expert solutions for small/medium businesses

Expert solutions for small companies

Since 1982, MEGT has been working with businesses just like yours to tackle the challenges faced by small and medium organisations looking to take on apprentices and trainees:

  • Staying on top of Enterprise Agreements and Awards, pay rates and entitlements
  • The administration involved in recruitment, onboarding and payroll
  • Time spent on workforce planning that could be better spend on the job
  • The need to fill skills gaps and future-proof your workforce as workloads fluctuate and business needs change 

That’s why becoming a Host Employer with MEGT just makes good business sense. Enquire now.

When you become a Host Employer, we recruit your new team member and remain their legal employer. All you need to do is provide day to day work, supervision, on-the-job training and development – we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll pay their wages and entitlements, and monitor training.

We’ll also manage their work performance and oversee their health and safety.

We focus on your apprentice or trainee, so you have more time to focus on your business.

The best bit? Our high-quality employees are only placed with you for as long as your business requires. Whether it’s to meet a short-term skills gap or a long-term need, becoming a Host Employer is your flexible staffing solution.

  • Title
    Benefits for you and your workforce
    • Access MEGT’s pool of pre-screened apprentices and trainees
    • Take on an apprentice or trainee as and when your business needs
    • Save time and resources on recruitment and administration
    • Receive ongoing support from MEGT throughout the recruitment process and the apprenticeship or traineeship placement
  • Title
    Benefits for your apprentice or trainee
    • Earn while they learn
    • Gain fundamental workplace skills to increase job opportunities and earning potential in the future
    • Security! If your business cannot sustain the workload to keep your MEGT apprentices or trainees employed, we can place them with another Host Employer to continue their work and training

Ready to get started?

It all starts with a chat.

Get in touch with us and let us know:

  • The details of the role you need to fill
  • The ideal attributes you're looking for in your new apprentice or trainee, and
  • How long you need someone in the role

Once we know what you need, we’ll work with you to find the best fit to boost your business!

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