Lyle’s success with MEGT VTEC

Lyle’s success with MEGT VTEC

  • Published on Monday 10 August, 2015
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Read Lyle’s account of his experience on how he secured a traineeship through MEGT VTEC. His journey through his 12-month traineeship to complete a Certificate 3 in Information Technology speaks volumes of his good work ethic and the supportive environment at Austin Health.

“I moved from my small country hometown of Coonamble in New South Wales to the eastern suburbs of Melbourne to search for employment in the IT sector in Melbourne. After a long twelve months of searching and not hearing back from employers, I was put in contact with MEGT through Mission Australia and asked if I wanted to be involved in the VTEC program.

The VTEC program was a shining light and was aimed at getting work and training people with an indigenous background. As such, I jumped at the opportunity. MEGT offered me a 12-month traineeship to complete a Certificate 3 in Information Technology. With this information in hand and my eagerness to proceed, MEGT set up an interview with what would eventually become my host employer, Austin Health.

I first interviewed with the director of IT (among other departments) and the Operational Manager of Facilities and Maintenance. I was received very well in the interview and promptly told that I was successful and given a date for orientation and commencement.

One week later I found myself on the service desk quickly fitting into the routine of answering calls and helping users with a multitude of issues broadening my own knowledge every single day. The Austin Health IT team were extremely welcoming of me and I swiftly felt as though I was a part of the team and have continued to feel the same way every day.

The next 8 months flew by with a combination of work and study. I was in constant communication with the Operational Manager of Facilities and Maintenance who became my mentor through Austin along with my MEGT VTEC mentor, updating them both with my progress at Austin health and with my study. I was soon approached by my manager and asked if I would like to take part in a large-scale project that would involve deploying over 800 computers throughout the Austin hospital’s campuses. I felt proud that I had shown my ability enough to be chosen for such a project.

As the project began to unfold Austin Health offered two fixed term positions in a role similar to the role I was already undertaking. I applied, interviewed and secured one of these positions much to the delight of everyone involved in the VTEC program. The Austin Health team also added that they will encourage and support me to continue achieving my Certificate 3 in IT.

All of my experiences with Austin Health and the MEGT VTEC program have been extremely positive. I have felt very welcomed into the organisation as a whole. All IT staff have treated me exceptionally well and has proven that the VTEC program is a brilliant system for introducing not only indigenous but all people into the workforce. This has been emphasised by the executive member of our directorate, organising regular meetings in his busy schedule with myself, to catch up on how everything’s going with me in the organisation.

Austin Health, MEGT VTEC should all be commended for the amount of effort that they have put into supporting this program and I would like to think of myself as an example of how well it can work.
Lyle Hodgson.”