Will a trainee help grow a small business?

Will a trainee help grow a small business?

  • Published on Wednesday 20 August, 2014
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Figures just out from the National Centre for Vocational Education Research provide an insight into how many positions were available for apprentices and trainees in the first quarter of this year.
According to the report, whereas the number of people starting has declined, there were more traineeship opportunities than traditional trades apprenticeships (28,800 as compared with 21,700). This shines a light on the value of traineeships you may not have considered.


Business owners may focus on core activities

Traineeships have a strong and relevant role in small businesses that want to focus the owner’s time on the things they do best and grow their customer base. Trainees can be a great help with customer enquiries and bookings, with the bookkeeping and stock control. The less time you spend on the administration side of things, the more you can focus on overseeing the total business – regardless of size of your business.
They are able to qualify sooner than a traditional apprenticeship too. A traineeship generally takes up to 24 months – sooner if the person is deemed competent before that. It is not unusual for trainees to become qualified in 12 months.

Opportunities for Mature Aged traineeships

Now before you reject the idea – think about the opportunity to bring your partner into the business as a mature aged trainee (45 years or over). Besides being trained on-the-job and learning at a pace they can manage, they may also attract the Australian Government Mature Aged Wage Subsidy. There may be other benefits available from the State Government. Yes, the trainee will need to spend a bit of time training rather than working. So do your apprentices. Yes, you will need to be a mentor and that takes time – as you do for your apprentices. Have a look at this site for the types of traineeships that could be suitable: www.aapathways.com.au

Particularly look at what is available for qualifications in Accounts and Payroll, Clerical and Administration and Management and Supervision.
And if you are becoming bogged down with payroll for your apprentices and trainees – think about outsourcing to an easy online apprentice and trainee payroll service such as offered by MEGT Recruitment and Management Services.

Source: Statistical report 15 August 2014 ISSN 1838-0530 www.ncver.edu.au

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