The future is bright for Angela

The future is bright for Angela

  • Published on Monday 28 March, 2016
  • 2 min. to read


MEGT is proud to celebrate the achievements of Indigenous trainee Angela Moran.

Angela, a proud Wiradjuri woman from Dubbo with a deep passion for Aboriginal heritage, culture and the land, recently completed a Certificate III in Forest Growing and Management with host employer Forestry Corporation of NSW.

Committed to self-improvement and not afraid of hard work, Angela also held down a part-time job as an industrial cleaner whilst completing her traineeship.

“The long days out in the field were often physically demanding,” said Angela, “but I usually only had to be shown a process once and then I was able to just get on with the task at hand, so I wasn’t having to correct any mistakes.”

Angela’s dedication didn’t go unnoticed, and she was awarded the following throughout her 12-month traineeship:

  • High-Performance Achievement Award – awarded by Forestry NSW
  • G & J Groves Award for the Highest Skilled Student in Forestry – awarded by TAFE NSW Riverina Institute
  • Best Student Award – awarded by TAFE NSW Riverina Institute

Angela’s goal now is to be a Ranger, so she can be directly involved in protecting heritage, land and culture for future generations. Well done Angela!