The best of the BEST

The best of the BEST

  • Published on Thursday 3 March, 2016
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In September 2015, MEGT and Beaurepaires joined forces to create the Beaurepaires Elite Services Team (BEST) Program, designed to up-skill the new generation of the national tyre retailer’s workforce.

An industry leader with a strong focus on employment and staff training, Beaurepaires chose to utilise MEGT’s experience and expertise to source and recruit quality trainees from around the country, as well as Workskills, a leading training provider, in creating the program.

The initiative is aimed at creating opportunities for automotive and tyre fitter trainees at Beaurepaires branches Australia wide. A tailored mentoring program has also been developed to give these trainees the chance to learn essential skills and behaviours and become exceptional members of the workforce upon graduation.

With 15 stores already signed up and more joining the program each week, the national scheme is off to a great start.

In conjunction with the BEST Program, Beaurepaires has also unveiled a new “store of the future” concept to create a marketplace distinction. The new store includes initiatives such as customer refreshment stations, child play areas, freestanding service counters and a customer interaction pod with contemporary merchandising and product displays.

This new and improved environment will be sure to translate to better customer engagement and will ensure Beaurepaires continues to be a market leader and employer of choice.

We are pleased to be part of this exciting time in Beaurepaires’ 90-year history, and wish our Beaurepaires new starters luck!