The Australian Apprenticeship process

The Australian Apprenticeship process

  • Published on Thursday 21 May, 2015
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It can be intimidating when first considering recruiting an apprentice. We at MEGT make it easy for you. MEGT Apprenticeship Network Provider is contracted by the Australian Government to provide assistance to employers, apprentices and training providers with the processes and procedures involved in undertaking an Australian Apprenticeship.

One of our Consultants can visit your workplace and help you and your apprentice or trainee complete the paperwork required by the Australian Government. This is a free service to you as part of the Australian Apprenticeships Support Services Contract.

Step One: Employ a person to be an Australian Apprentice (either an apprentice or a trainee)
Apprentices and trainees can be employed directly by your business where you will be responsible for managing their employment and training or you can become a host employer with a Group Training Organization (GTO). GTOs employ apprentices and trainees and place them with host employers on a short or long-term basis to get hands on experience.
MEGT can assist with recruitment in sourcing an apprentice at no cost. Our ‘no frills, no cost’ service allows employers to post valid positions on the MEGT website, with all applications sent directly to you.

Step Two: Select a training provider
Choose a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) to provide the training for your Australian Apprentice and enrol them. Your apprentice or trainee must be registered with the State Training Authority (STA) before their enrolment can be processed. MEGT can help with this process and provide you with a list of RTOs with the scope to deliver training in your region for your particular industry sector. An agreed training plan will be devised and must be signed off on by the employer, the apprentice and the RTO representative.

Step Three: Register your National Training Contract
Your MEGT Consultant will guide you in completing a National Training Contract, signed by all appropriate parties to enter a formal agreement to complete training. MEGT will register your National Training Contract with your State or Territory’s Training Authority. Once this has been accepted, the State Training Authority will notify you of the registration of your contract through a letter sent to both you and your apprentice.

Step Four: Financial incentives to be claimed
MEGT will assess your eligibility to receive government incentives in accordance with the Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Programme Guidelines. Employer incentives and Australian Apprentice personal benefits are available to assist in the completion of the apprenticeship. Eligibility criteria apply. Where eligible, MEGT will issue the required claim form(s) to you and/or your apprentice as incentives fall due.

Step Five: Regular Contact
Your MEGT Consultant will advise you of your obligations and responsibilities and will contact both you and your Australian Apprentice at different stages throughout their apprenticeship to monitor progress.

Step Six: Completed and trade qualified
Once you, your apprentice and your RTO are satisfied that all the requirements of the training plan have been fulfilled, then your apprentice can be signed off as having completed their Australian Apprenticeship.
Once the competencies of the structured training and employment have been achieved, the RTO or State Training Authority (STA) will issue a certificate of completion for their nationally recognised qualification. At this point your employee is no longer considered an apprentice and is now recognised as being trade qualified. If previously assessed as eligible for the Completion Incentive, the appropriate claim form will be issued to the employer.

Take the first step and click here to sign up your apprentice or trainee with us or call us at 13 MEGT (13 6348).

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