A strong support network paves the way for success

A strong support network paves the way for success

  • Published on Thursday 16 November, 2017
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As a first-year apprentice, not having a very extensive support network outside of work can be tough. That’s why apprentice Sean Escanilla connected with MEGT’s mentoring service for extra assistance to help him through his employment and training.

L-R: Liam Donehue, Sean Escanilla

Shortly after doing so, Sean left his employer and started searching for a new employment opportunity. Around the same time, Australia’s largest and most trusted heating and cooling company, Coldflow, contacted their MEGT Field Consultant as they were looking for out-of-trade mechanical service plumbers.


Our Field Consultant contacted our mentoring team for recommendations and Sean was put forward by his MEGT mentor. His mentor then helped him update his resume and prepare for his interview, and just ten days after leaving his previous employer, Sean recommenced his apprenticeship with Coldflow. He’s thrilled to be back at work and taking the next steps towards his trade qualification.

Along with Sean, another out-of-trade apprentice, Liam Donehue, was nominated for a role with Coldflow. Liam was put forward by his trainers after his MEGT Field Consultant contacted the Holmesglen TAFE Plumbing Department, asking for recommendations. Liam is also now thrilled to be continuing his apprenticeship with Coldflow.

Both apprentices are grateful for the support MEGT has provided throughout this time, and know that we’ll be here to give them any further assistance they need throughout their training. Well done Sean and Liam, we know you’ll both go far with Coldflow and have a promising future ahead of you!

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