Staying safe over the summer holidays

Staying safe over the summer holidays

  • Published on Tuesday 26 December, 2017
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Summer is here! We’ve prepared some simple safety tips to help you stay safe over Christmas and still enjoy your holidays:

Holiday driving

  • Have your car serviced and prepare an emergency pack with a blanket, torch and first aid kit
  • Be rested before a long drive and plan the trip so you share the driving and take regular breaks to avoid fatigue
  • Taking your furry friends on a road trip with you? Make sure you have appropriate restraints in the car for your pets!

Avoiding driver fatigue

  • Don’t push on to the next town if you are tired
  • Avoid driving when you are normally sleeping – this is the most dangerous time on the roads for fatigued motorists
  • Don’t drive beyond the speed limit
  • Stop every two hours for a 15-minute break
  • Eat well and drink plenty of sugar-free fluids
  • Adjust your driving to the conditions

Celebrating safely

  • Don’t drink or use drugs and drive (or boat); it’s not worth the risk to your life or anyone else’s
  • Have water between drinks, eat something, and remember that only time will make you sober
  • Pour your own drinks so that you can manage how much you consume

Taking care of your mental health

  • Pressure on your bank balance at this time of year fuels stress – talk to friends and family about how to keep Christmas fun, without breaking the bank
  • Emotions can be heightened at this time of year – giving yourself time and space to recognise this
  • Prioritise sleep, eating well and regular exercise
  • If all else fails, plan to debrief with someone you trust

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