So you’re qualified – what now?

So you’re qualified – what now?

  • Published on Wednesday 10 February, 2016
  • 2 min. to read


Congratulations! You’ve put in the hard work and completed your apprenticeship.
What’s next for your career?

Now that you’re qualified, there are several options you can explore, including:

  • Continuing to work for your current employer, or a new business, as a qualified tradesperson
  • Becoming an independent sub-contractor
  • Moving to another role in the same industry – perhaps as a trainer, an OHS representative or a supervisor or salesperson
  • Starting your own business and hiring employees and apprentices to work for you

It’s important when making this decision that you explore which option is right for your career and financial goals and that you prepare yourself with all the information you need before heading off in this new direction.

How can MEGT help?

If you decide that starting your own business is the right choice for you, MEGT can help make recruiting and managing staff easier.

Our team can assist with recruiting apprentices for you, managing your incentive payments, and providing mentoring for your apprentices.

MEGT can also manage your entire payroll process – calculating and processing your business’s wages, superannuation and tax every week – making your life easier and giving you more time to watch your business grow!

Contact MEGT today to see how we can help you build your business.

Other resources

The Australian Government’s website offers some great resources to assist you in making this decision and getting set up as either a sub-contractor or business owner.

Find all the information you need to start your own small business here.

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