SmartForms are here!

SmartForms are here!

  • Published on Friday 10 July, 2015
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With the rollout of the new Australian Apprenticeship Support Network on 1st July 2015, Stephanie Lewis, owner of Misstique Hair in Townsville and her new apprentice Sophie Booth take the lead in using the new SmartForms for their electronic training Contract.

Being the first employer in Townsville to use these on 2nd July, both the employer and apprentice found it to be an easy process. Stephanie has signed up other apprentices in the past and found the new form simple, with everything explained clearly and the chance to review all information.

Nichole Bartlett, MEGT’s Apprenticeships Consultant helped with signing up the Training Contract and said that Stephanie Lewis being a new business owner found it easier to relate to the new electronic process.

If you would like to sign up your apprentice with MEGT, please click here.

Find out more about Claim SmartForms here.