Shannon is on the road to success

Shannon is on the road to success

  • Published on Tuesday 20 December, 2016
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L – R: Shannon Allum – Bruce Tuffnell Memorial Award winner, Shayne Boxall – Supervisor; Barry Maney Group.

On 5 December, MEGT apprentice Shannon Allum was awarded the 2016 Bruce Tuffnell Memorial Award at the Automotive Industry Group South East (AIG-SE) annual awards.

Held in Mount Gambier, the awards are open to full-time automotive apprentices, as well as school students undertaking a school-based automotive apprenticeship or training at the SA Automotive Skills Centres. This year the School-based Apprentice of the Year award was sponsored by MEGT.

Winners are nominated by their employer, registered training organisation or Australian Apprenticeship Support Network for their dedication, work ethic, reliability and outstanding performance both on the job and in their studies.

The Bruce Tuffnell Memorial Award

The Bruce Tuffnell Memorial Award was created to encourage first and second-year apprentices who exemplify the spirit and ability shown by the late Bruce Tuffnell throughout his apprenticeship and working life.

The criteria for the Tuffnell Award is as follows:

• Good attitude to work and study
• All-rounder
• Determined
• May be involved in community activity, past or present
• Practical and/or resourceful
• 1st or 2nd-year apprentice

The winner – Shannon Allum

At 32 years old, Shannon Allum has found a career he loves thanks to determination, hard work, and his employer Barry Maney Group giving an adult apprentice a go.

When Shannon Allum finished Year 10, he left school and went to work with his father as a concreter. Shannon then tried his hand at many different jobs over the years including a five-year stint working on the production line at Kenworth, Melbourne. It was during this time that he decided he would love to be involved in the mechanical side of the automotive industry rather than production, and starting thinking about apprenticeship options.

In 2015, Shannon relocated to Mount Gambier with his wife and two young sons, looking for the perfect opportunity to prove to his boys that you can do anything you put your mind to. Driven by this determination, Shannon was offered an apprenticeship role by Barry Maney Group where he completed his Certificate III in Heavy Commercial Vehicle Mechanical Technology in March 2016.

Now three years away from being a qualified tradesman and the winner of the 2016 Bruce Tuffnell Memorial Award, Shannon is excited about his life, loves what he is doing and is extremely grateful to Barry Maney Group for giving him an opportunity as an adult apprentice.

We are very proud of Shannon and wish him all the best for the future!

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