Seek out a career that ignites your passion

Seek out a career that ignites your passion

  • Published on Wednesday 8 July, 2015
  • 4 min. to read


For most of us though, having to choose our ‘for-ever’ job, isn’t that straightforward and can be extremely daunting. So we often delay that decision through further study or spending more time at the ‘part-time’ job.

Whether you are about to leave school, have left already or are just wondering what career you would like to follow, putting some thought and effort into finding out exactly what is out there can really pay off.

Jobs and career paths are incredibly varied, which is great, as each of us is drawn to different things. But it can make it difficult to choose. The secret to a really happy working life is doing something that excites and motivates us, and most people will tell you that this is a far better way of getting yourself out of bed every morning.

You don’t have to identify the exact job you want to do but it really helps if you can narrow it down a bit. Try some of these:

1. Talk to careers advisors

Either at school or through various state training organisations. They can be full of useful information that can help you order your thoughts.

2. Work experience

Yes, most of us will have done the week of work experience at school. But expand that idea. Ask your mates what their parents do, if there’s something that interests you, ask them if you might be able to work shadow them for a day or two. This can be a perfect way of seeing what an actual job or profession really gets up to. Try and get a feel for as many things as possible – office work, a trade, working for a charity etc.

3. Part-time work

If you have an interest or are good at something try and get some part time work utilising that interest or skill. Retail and hospitality are often the easiest and most flexible but how about a local car mechanic, small insurance agency, library or leisure centre.

4. Volunteer work

There can be an amazing range of opportunities for taking up some voluntary work. Working with animals, people, events or the more established charities can get you working alongside paid employees and experiencing the real work environment.

Exploring more options will give you a great insight into what type of work you think you’ll like. If you like working with your hands then a trade might be suitable. You can then look at apprenticeships that further that goal.

If you like the office environment, research this further. Going into the business world can open up a vast array of sectors to work in and can give you the skills to set up on your own, further down the track. University may well be appropriate but other studies such as the Diploma of Business or similar may be more appropriate. And many of these courses attract state funding or schemes such as VET FEE help which assist in paying for vocational study.

This is an exciting time. Getting your working career heading off in the right direction is great. But don’t forget, if you do go down the wrong path, it’s not the end of the world, you can always change direction. These days more than ever, many people have multiple ‘careers’ and thrive on it.