Culinary scholarship gives Samantha a taste of things to come

Culinary scholarship gives Samantha a taste of things to come

  • Published on Tuesday 20 September, 2016
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L – R: Brenton Iglesias – Head Chef, Samantha Fenech – Apprentice Chef, Cathee Ziebell – Compliance and Training Officer; all from Keppel Bay Sailing Club.

MEGT apprentice chef Samantha Fenech has just returned home from the trip of a lifetime, full of fresh ideas and ready to make a difference in her chosen career.

Samantha was awarded a culinary scholarship earlier this year as part of employer Keppel Bay Sailing Club’s annual staff awards. The scholarship includes four amazing culinary tours complete with Chef Master Classes to further hone Samantha’s skills.

The first of these four trips saw Samantha travel to the Gold Coast, Byron Bay and Evans Heads to work alongside professional chefs and pick up new culinary knowledge and techniques. The experience was one that Samantha says she will not forget in a hurry.

“I feel so inspired, the whole trip was an eye opener, from cooking techniques and plating to the differences in restaurant theming,” she said.

During her trip, Samantha saw firsthand the difference between country restaurants and big city establishments. She not only gained valuable culinary tips but also got an insight into the way restaurant décor can impact atmosphere and the guests’ overall dining experience.

Samantha is determined to make the most of these opportunities, as she has big plans to one day put this new expertise to work in her own establishment.

“One day I would like to run my own restaurant/cafe.

Being afforded the opportunity to learn from others in a variety of different regions, will expand my knowledge base and help me become the best chef I can become.”

Director of Club Training Australia John Dickson said the scholarship would provide a valuable opportunity for Samantha to build not just her cooking skills, but also her confidence.

In this industry, it is vital for young people to become used to working in a range of different venues for their personal development and growth,” he said.

John believes Samantha’s scholarship was well-deserved and has no doubt the apprentice chef will use this experience to achieve her career goals.

“The experience and skills will be invaluable for Samantha’s career, she has proved herself as a hard and dedicated worker, and we look forward to watching her develop,” said John.

We are very proud of Samantha’s achievements and can’t wait to see what her future holds.

Well done Samantha!