Staying safe on the road this Easter

Staying safe on the road this Easter

  • Published on Tuesday 22 March, 2016
  • 2 min. to read


With many of us planning to get away for the Easter long weekend, it’s an important time to think about road safety. Holiday driving conditions are very different to the standard commute to work. For this reason, it deserves extra attention and thought.

Prepare for a safe long weekend by reviewing our tips for safe driving below:

  • Plan your route and communicate these plans with family or friends
  • Check your vehicle to make sure it’s safe and mechanically sound for the trip ahead
  • Keep a safe driving distance – always leave a 3-4 second gap between you and the car in front. This will give you more time to stop and is especially important on busy or wet roads.
  • Turn off your mobile phone – remember Engine On = Phone Off
  • Plan breaks for your passengers too as they can become distracting when they are restless
  • Watch for pedestrians and other road users who may be rushing or distracted
  • There are times when leaving the car and taking a taxi home really is the most sensible option
  • Be aware of how long it takes for alcohol to leave your body and never drive under the influence
  • At the first sign of tiredness, agitation, road rage or yawning, stop and change drivers, leaving at least a 20 minute break
  • If possible, have a second driver to share the driving and schedule breaks for each driver