Employer's recruitment services

Just recruitment and screening.
Reduce the risk of employing the wrong person.

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Employer's apprentice management service

Tap into our 32 years of experience and reduce staff turnover. Outsource apprentice management to MEGT.

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Easy payroll

  • specialist payroll for 33 apprentice trades
  • superior features for the easiest reporting
  • reduced risk of Awards errors.
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Employer's complete service

  • recruitment
  • apprentice management
  • mentoring and pastoral care
  • payroll
  • management of training
  • apprentice rotation.
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MEGT apprentice vacancies

Find jobs available right now.

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Why work for MEGT as an apprentice

Great opportunities and great support for job seekers.

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MEGT apprentice support

  • Access & Equity Policy
  • Grievances & Commendations
  • Compliance Policy
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Timesheet login

  • apprentices fill in your weekly timesheet
  • host employers approve the timesheet.
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